Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf is an extremely thin sheet of metal with high gold content, extremely light and pliable. It is applied to cleaned wood and metal surfaces ( often iron) by first applying a layer of sizing (a glue like substance) on the desired surface, then gently laying the Gold Leaf on top and pressing it down. after the leaf is applied, other colors or darkening agents can be applied for a more antique effect.  The finished product often has a veining or crackling appearance, and if toned down sufficiently can look antique from its onset. Our Signature line uses gold leaf regularly in our popular r47 style sconces as well as r375 Soleil,  along with many other Florentine style chandeliers In the Line.

On a side note, Gold Leaf has been a symbol of great power and wealth from the renaissance moving forward.  St Peters In Rome almost depleted the known gold reserves of the Western World at the time with its enormous use of Gold Leaf throughout the magnificent Michelangelo designed Cathedral.

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