The Jen Dallas Collection

Jen Dallas Collection

Jen Dallas and Chameleon Fine Lighting have forged a relationship many years prior the launching of the Jen Dallas Collection . We have completed many beautiful custom projects over the years, including a large meshed living room fixture, Large oval alabaster shades in a highly detailed cast bronze frame, Large oval glass fixtures with their own cast details. In fact one of the most interesting projects we worked on with Jen is yet to be built, a Skylight with internal lighting, sliding wood mechanism, synthetic stone and or Alabaster in flat sheets...the level of detail required to design and build this from both sides created new knowledge of materials and design techniques beyond our prior scope, the kind of design challenge that leads you to great things

It is with this background together that we have gone into the Jen Dallas Collection, Fixtures that are as much sculptural as they are beautiful light sources. The Puzzle Collection, Laser cut to tight specifications, enables multi plating or patinas on the front plate, as it is made in sections that detach separately. Jen's wonderful design choices along with much careful detailed review has allowed us to execute some pieces we feel are new and fresh to the world of lighting design. We are proud to be a part of this and are looking forward to the growth of the Jen Dallas Collection over the years to come.

John Harvey and Rob Degiarde
Owners, Chameleon Fine Lighting

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  • Jen Dallas Collection-Eclipse

    Jen Dallas Collection-Eclipse

    $3,500.00 ea
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  • Puzzle Collection-Puzzle

    Puzzle Collection-Puzzle

    $4,750.00 ea
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  • Puzzle Collection-Sunrise

    Puzzle Collection-Sunrise

    $2,850.00 ea
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  • Puzzle Collection-Mountain

    Puzzle Collection-Mountain

    $3,600.00 ea
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  • Puzzle Collection -Plus

    Puzzle Collection -Plus

    $3,500.00 ea
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