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State of the Art

Chameleon has a fully equipped, state of the art factory in Long Island City, New York, with highly experienced technicians able to execute a wide range of exciting designs. We deal in a full range of materials, including cast brass, iron, wrought iron, sheet metal, aluminum, molded and hand blown glass, cut crystal, rock crystal, alabaster and other natural stone. Our manufacturing techniques run the gamut from highly technical, computer assisted modeling, rendering and CNC precision machining to the more age-old, artisanal techniques… hand blown glass, hand-hammered wrought iron, and decorative leafing and painting. Our hand patinas are extremely consistent and our plated finishes are triple the thickness of industry standard plating. This means they will not tarnish or lose their luster with age. Our Signature Line fixtures are wired to UL specifications, are put through rigorous testing and quality control and our customer service personnel know that customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We know that our clients live with our fixtures every day. That’s a big commitment and we honor it with one of our own…to support our product long after it leaves our factory.

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