Chameleon Fine Lighting Finishes

Chameleon finishes break down into 3 basic categories. These are Leafing, Patinas, and Plating. Leafing and Patinas are done in house, and plating are generally outsourced in New York to a few highly experienced firms whom we have been working with for over 20 years. Do note, any of our Signature Line items can be painted as well.  Samples are available upon request, and we willingly receive client samples to match as closely as possible.   Below is a more detailed description of the processes involved in our finishes.

Patinas are darkened versions of Polished or Satin Brass, done in various tonalities depending on the desired result. Chameleon does all of its patinas in house. The Finishes under the Patina Category include Antique Brass, Satin Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Statuary Bronze.

Chameleon leafs in gold and silver with other treatments applied to vary the texture and tonality of the leafing. Gold or Silver Leaf is usually applied to metals that don't take plating or patinas, such as iron or steel or tin, but note that leaf can be put on brass as well. We use material with high silver and gold content to ensure tonal richness.  Being from an antique background and having been fortunate enough to see firsthand examples of 19th Century  Leafing makes us aware of the quality we wish to attain.

Chameleon does plating in Nickel, Silver and Gold. Nickel Subcategories included Polished Nickel (our most popular finish) and Satin Nickel. We also have done custom work in Antique Nickel, much like a pewter finish. Silver Finishes include Butler Silver, Polished Silver, and Butler Silver Antique. Gold Finish include Butler Gold and Old Gold. We prep the brass to be plated by polishing or satining it before we send it out. Samples can be sent to us to be matched as closely as possible.

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